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The Opportunity: Content-Rich Websites Make $$$!

The Problem: Youíre Not a Writer or You Hate Writing


Now You Build High-Content Websites -- Even If You Hate to Write!

Here are the three biggest myths about getting content for your Internet marketing web sites:

The first one is that you have to be a good writer. Uh-huh. Tell that to my friend Sam. Sam dropped out of 10th grade, canít spell, and reads at a 4th grade level. But you know what? Sam pulls in $850 a week from his content-rich sites because he ALWAYS has new content up.

The second is that thereís no way to get good content without paying big bucks to some hotshot copywriter. Truth is, even if you DO pay big bucks, youíre likely to get broken English because Mr. Hotshot Copywriter couldnít be bothered with a trivial task like yours, so he off shored it to India.

The third is that you can cut and paste articles from other sites and call them yours. The problem is, thatís plagiarism. Itís illegal and it can get you sued. Donít do it.

Wouldnít you agree that itís crazy to think youíll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again? If I keep touching a hot stove and kept getting burned Ė Iíd be silly to think the next time I touch that hot stove I wonít get burnt.

Thatís why you need to try something differentÖ

Hereís How Article Site Builder Can Help You
Get High-Content Websites Built, Starting TodayÖ

You see, Iíve just completed the beta-testing on Article Site Builder to make sure it gives you step-by-step results. Itís different than anything other content-building tool youíve seen.

Article Site Builder has taken two years to develop.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Incredible

Benefits You Get From Using Article Site Builder:

∑ Being able to feed the search engines what they love most: keyword-dense content.

∑ Visitors who keep coming back because the contentís always updated.

∑ A steady stream of fresh, new content.

∑ An easy way to insert the content into a template.

∑ The ability to find content for hot new topics that you select.

∑ The ability to optimize your site so you rank very highly with the search engines.

∑ The ability to add content pages to your site without knowing a thing about html!

∑ A dramatic increase in the value of your sites.

∑ The ability to find relevant contentóFAST!